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Events Calendar

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December 27

*Historic Foodways and Hearth Cooking Workshop, Bristol

*UnDecked Halls: A Glimpse Behind the Shutters at Rough Point, Newport

December 27-28

*Post Christmas Guided Candlelight Tours, Lincoln

January 1

*Frozen Clam Plunge, Warwick

*4th Annual Jamestown First Day Plunge, Jamestown

January 6

*WaterFire—Partial Lighting, Providence

January 24

*Re-envisioning Newport: Preserving Four Landmarks for Public and Private Use, Newport

January 28

*Johnston Historical Society General Meeting, Johnston

January 29

*Rhode Island's Firsts, Bests and Uniques, Greene, Coventry

January 31

*Root for the Home Team: The Great and Proud Century of Newport Baseball, Newport

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December 22nd in Rhode Island history


*Sir Edmund Andros assumes the government of Rhode Island, and technical possession of the Charter of 1663.


*William Ellery, Continental Congressman and signer of the Declaration of Independence, is born in Newport.


*A census is ordered, pursuant to inquiries from the Board of Trade in England. Rhode Island's population stands at 40,414.


*An article by Stephen Hopkins entitled "The Rights of the Colonies Examined," which criticizes parliamentary taxation and recommends colonial home rule, is published by the Providence Gazette and Country Journal.

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