Costa Rica or Bust Hitchhiker

Headin' south.

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Placed in Massachusetts on 20030118 by cscm.

A hitchhiker is a letterbox that you take with you. This one has a specific destination: the beautiful Central American paradise of Costa Rica. Your job is to transport this hitchhiker to a letterbox that is closer to that destination. Whether you can provide a short ride or a long ride, every little bit helps. Be sure to record all its stops!

If by chance you find this hitchhiker in Costa Rica, hooray! It made it! Please contact me via email and I'll send you my mailing address so you can return the log and stamp to me. Of course I'll reimburse you for postage. (Contact me also if the log fills up before it reaches its destination).

Pase la mantequilla que broncea!

You can track this hitchhiker's progress on Wanda & Pete's Hitchhiker Travels page.

If you hurt yourself, don't blame us. You should have read this.
Don't be clueless -- learn more about letterboxing here.

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