777 Putnam Pike, Greenville, Smithfield
(401) 949-3040

Powder Mill Creamery has been serving great ice cream flavors such as Banana Me Crazy, Malted Milk Ball, Yellow Brick Road, and the abovementioned Tasmanian Peach, since 1994. The least popular flavor, we're told, is Peanut Butter and Jelly. You can request that any of these flavors be made into a cabinet, but be aware that chunky choices may clog your straw.

Reportedly, fresh roasted coffee is also a big draw and, according to a 2007 Rhode Island Monthly article, "there is a substantial menu where you might see Angus and Hereford burgers one week and James Beard meatloaf the next." But we wouldn't know anything about that, as we always make a beeline for the ice cream when we stop by.

On a 2010 visit, custom mocha cabinet (two scoops chocolate, one scoop coffee) and pistachio cone in hand, we couldn't help but notice a tray of freshly-made cider donuts for sale. It's not easy to find good cider donuts in Rhode Island, even at specialty donut shops, but these were near perfect. We hope they continue to be available.

Powder Mill Creamery is open daily, year 'round; hours vary according to the season. Their fifty flavors of gourmet ice cream are only available during the warmer months.

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