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Quahogging from Home

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means we're up against sticky and sweltering heat. Fear not; we found a neat little website bound to keep you cool on a really hot day. Even though it's been around for a while, we recently spent a couple of hours surfing Described as "The definitive Rhode Island Road Trip," this comical yet educational tour is a cool breath of non-humid air. Naturally, you'll find all the regular Rhody regurgitations—everything from weenies and blue bugs to cabinets and cakes of the clam. However, there are also some of the most obscure and crazy facts we've ever heard. Some tidbits include moon dust found in the State House, Florence Nightingale's nursing cap on display in Westerly, and our favorite, the historical Condom Hut in Cranston. There's plenty to keep you amused for hours, and considering the recent shark sightings on our shores, it's safer than a day at the beach.

Reprinted with permission of Providence Monthly

This article last edited July 21, 2004

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