by Florence Markoff

Brief stories of famous and not-so-famous Rhode Islanders.

Radio listeners since the 1970s have been delighted by Florence Markoff's audio featurettes, Rhode Island Portraits in Sound (which spotlights famous and little-known Rhode Islanders) and There's a Word for It (which explores the fascinating origins of words and phrases). Now we here at Quahog are pleased to bring you a taste of the former in the form of a few of the original radio scripts for Rhode Island Portraits in Sound. Call them Rhode Island Portraits (in Text).

Rhode Island Portraits in Sound may currently be heard at 5:59pm, Monday through Friday, on WHJJ TalkRadio920.

Providence resident Florence Markoff is a speaker, performer, storyteller, and radio personality. For information on ordering audiotape copies of Rhode Island Portraits in Sound, There's a Word for It, or her latest project, Famous Jewish Portraits in Sound, visit

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